Pro-Vision® 3.0 is MRV's servicepv-overview-image-2.2-ds orchestration platform that gives service providers the automated tools to design, provision, manage, diagnose, visualize and optimize both packet and optical access networks. It seamlessly automates the provisioning, orchestration and management for thousands of network elements and millions of services.

Pro-Vision's packet and optical tools bring a new level of service control to networks and provide a suite of applications for automated service provisioning, assurance, monitoring, reporting, inventory and maintenance.   It is a centralized carrier-class, web based platform that uses intuitive GUI based displays and offers powerful methods to reduce operational expense and paves the way for the software defined network of the future.

Designed to support programmable data formats and APIs for standards-based open networking from any vendor, it can be the platform for software defined networking (SDN) at the network edge.

Zero Touch Provisioning
Zero-touch provisioning automates the creation of packet and wavelength services. It reduces manual provisioning both in the network operations center and in the field, thereby improving service scaling in real-time and  reducing operating expense. With zero touch, operators can schedule automatic software updates, push new FPGA versions, send configuration files, enable network database synchronization and automate backup/restore functions.

orchestrate-blue 0 Packet and Optical Service Management
Pro-Vision offers a graphical environment to streamline and automate the provisioning and management of L2 and L3 services for packet access and aggregation devices.  A partial list of features include: autodiscovery, OAM configuration, and service profile templates. Pro-Vision also provides a common service management framework to discover and manage optical transport equipment and services including: discovery, path computation, and provisioning as well as performance of power supplies, amplifiers, transponders, OTN modules and reconfigurable add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs).

Service Assurance

Performance monitoring provides end-to-end visibility into service performance to assure that customer SLAs are met. Pro-Vision incorporates flexible real-time data collection mechanisms that can poll a large number of devices and thresholds can be set to generate user-defined alarms based on polling data. Real-time and historic packet performance monitoring is based on MEF Service Operations, Administration and Management (SOAM) as well as applicable ITU-T and IEEE standards. Optical channel monitoring features display the performance of WDM services by wavelength.  Diagnostic features include: power, statistical error conditions, transmit and receive power level, temperature, bias current as well as monitoring per port bandwidth usage. 

Service Reporting
Analysis engines within Pro-Vision provide meaningful, intuitive, visual representations of complex network relationships and service performance data including: VLAN, OAM, SLA metrics, device status, device inventory, and network topology in map, graph or tabular formats. Pro-Vision users can generate reports on-demand from data sampled over user-defined periods. Results can be displayed online via customizable web portals for customer use and in PDF, Excel or HTML file format. 

Troubleshooting and Inventory
Automated fault management enables rapid fault identification and troubleshooting reducing operating expense and increasing service availability.  Pro-Vision supports alarm categorization with open, closed and acknowledged states.  An alarm drill-down feature categorizes faults by severity, resource type and time of day.  Event and trap processing supports filtering, suppression and propagation as well as intelligent alarm correlation.


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