Optical Cross Connect

Physical Layer Optical Switches

Finally path switching has reached its ultimate form. MRV's Optical Cross Connect (OCC) eliminates Optical Electronic conversion as well as the need for physical (re-)configuring of networks. Its predecessor, MRV's Media Cross Connect, provided auto configured networks for test purposes for networking Laboratories from major manufacturers all over the world. Now it has been proven to be suitable for many other applications. As its descendant, the OCC is the ultimate step in auto configuring networks. Fully SNMP manageable, the OCC can re-configure paths in milliseconds, based on a pre-configured set of rules.


The center of OCC architecture is a three dimensional Micro-Electric-Mechanical (3D-MEMS) switching matrix. This technology allows transparent switching of single mode fiber connections in less than 20 ms with a typical insertion loss of 2.0 dB, and it makes the OCC ideal for:

  • Maintaining optical attributes when testing
  • High density 10 Gbps applications
  • 40 Gbps protocols
  • Non-standard protocols
  • WDM applications with parallel wavelength switching
  • Burst mode signals as in PON applications

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