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Opticonnect offers a range of C form-factor pluggable transceivers (CFP) that supports data rates from 40Gbps up to 100Gbps over Single Mode Fiber. The Ethernet signal is carried over four wavelengths. These four wavelengths are multiplexed and demultiplexed within the device. 

EOLC-161HG-10-LA V1.f 1CFP 40G

The Opticonnect 40G CFP supports 40-Base-LR4 and 40-Base-ER4. Link distances up to 40km can be reached on standard Single-Mode fiber. The 40 Gigabit operates on four wavelengths from 1270nm to 1310nm. Our units are compliant with RoHS-6 and CFP MSA1 and IEEE 802.3ba 40GBASE-LR42. Go to our CFP 40G product range.

EOLC-161HG-10-LA V1.f 1CFP 100G

The Opticonnect 100G CFP supports 100-Base-LR4. Link distances up to 10km can be reached on standard Single-Mode fiber (SMF, G652). The 100 Gigabit operates on four wavelengths with bitrates between 25.78 Gb/s GbE, 27.95 Gb/s OTU4. Our units are compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. Go to our CFP 100G product range.

EOLC-161HG-10-LA V1.f 1