Passive WDM

PL logoPacketLight's passive optical network products, PL-300 family, extend PacketLight’s optical network solution capabilities by providing a wide range of passive optical modules.

The PL-300 provides the needed optical layer functions of 4/8/16/32/40/88/96DWDM wavelength Multiplexing, 4/8/16 CWDM wavelength Multiplexing, Optical Dispersion Compensation module (DCM), Optical Add and Drop (OADMs), splitter and combiners. The PL-300 passive optical network products interconnect seamlessly with PacketLight’s transponder, muxponder, amplifier and ROADM product line and third party WDM products to form cost effective high capacity DWDM and CWDM solutions. The PL-300 provides low granularity wavelengths add and drop capabilities and can be used to increase 4/10G, 40G and 100G solution reach.


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