PL logoPacketLight’s PL-1000RO offers the ROADM functionality based on the most advanced next generation WSS (wavelength-selective switch) technology.


ROADM based network architecture simplifies configuration and management of DWDM network infrastructure and reduces the time it takes to provision new services over the network. PacketLight's ROADM solution offers highly flexible wavelength routing capabilities suitable for mesh, ring, linear add/drop, core and edge DWDM network topologies.

The PL-1000RO ROADM is configured dynamically to add/drop selected wavelengths at any node in the network and seamlessly change the network node capacity as needed. In addition, it automatically maintains the equalization and power balance of the added and bypass wavelengths. The PL-1000RO ROADM also integrates EDFA for amplifying the wavelengths and delivering effective long distance DWDM solutions.

The PL-1000RO supports colorless, directionless and both 50GHz and 100GHz grids.

PL-1000RO ROADM simplifies network management and reduces operation costs (OPEX) by allowing deployment of new wavelengths remotely. PL-1000RO fully integrates PacketLight Transponder and OTN product families and is managed from the PacketLight LightWatch NMS platform.

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