PL logo100G Coherent DWDM Transponder for Long Haul and Metro applications

PacketLight Networks 100G Coherent DWDM Transponder is an OIF standards based 1RU 100G platform that transports multiservice 100G data in a single 100G OTU4 uplink trunk.

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PacketLight's 100G transponder solutions are a perfect fit for both metro and long haul applications where small footprint and modular architecture offer convenient and cost effective transport capability of 100G client interfaces.

PacketLight 100G solutions are standards based ITU-T G.709 with Forward Error Correction (FEC) GFEC and are interaoperable with any sdandards based 3rd party equipment.

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100G Transponder for Metro and Enterprise applicationsPL-1000T1 1

Highest 100G density feature set in the market. Compact 1U platform with low power consumption ideal for CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and Data Center Environment 100G Transponder mode supporting 100G Base - SR10/LR10/LR4/ER4.

PL-1000T is highly integrated platform for providing a unified 100G optical transport layer- supporting various 100G client services including LR4/ER4/LR10 and SR10 and seamlessly interfaces with any third party equipment.

The PL-1000T provides 100G Optical Transport solution in modular and cost effective way for rolling out 100G services. It uses standards based, pluggable optical modules on all optical interfaces on both client and line side. It is designed for meeting the market demands for low power consumption and rack space savings thus reducing  the overall solution CAPEX and OPEX and increasing the capacity of enterprise and metro networks.

The PL-1000T 1U device supports up to two integrated optical amplifiers, Mux/Demux and DCM providing the smallest, most integrated transport solution of its kind reaching up to 200Km / 34dB without intermediate sites.

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10G CWDM DWDM OTN TransponderPL-1000TNsideSmall2

10G CWDM DWDM transponder PL-1000TN is a member of PacketLight’s Optical Transport Network (OTN) family. It is highly integrated 10 Gigabit transponder for unified transport of different protocols such as 10Gbe LAN/WAN, STM64/OC-192 and 8G/10G FC over common fiber optical network.

The PL-1000TN CWDM DWDM transponder is designed to meet the market demands for low power consumption, rack space savings and reduction in the overall solution CAPEX and OPEX.

TheOTNlayer provides two additional key benefits:
1) Easy management and maintenance of the fiber optical infrastructure regardless of the service type
2) Enhanced Forward Error Correction codes suitable for extremely long distances in amplifiedDWDMnetworks, eliminating the need for expensive regenerator sites and enabling forming of an effectiveROADMbased solutions built upon cascading many amplifiers across the infrastructure.

PacketLight‘s PL-1000TN has three operation modes: mapping of multirate 8G/10G client protocols over OTU2 line, transparent transponder for 8G-11G protocols and 3R regenerator.

The PL-1000TN can be managed by HTTP/ HTTPS web browsers, CLI over Telnet/SSH, PacketLight’s EMS or by 3rd party SNMP system.

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10Gb Ethernet DWDM Transponder


The PL-1000 is a carrier class leading 1U Metro DWDM platform, for transport of 10G Data, Voice and Storage Applications, over dark fiber and WDM networks. PL-1000 is designed primarily to address the growing needs for high data capacity applications such as IPTV, Triple play and NGN which needs to be transported over the same existing or new fiber infrastructures.  The PL-1000’s capabilities, dimensions and competitive cost make it the ideal solution for evolving metro Ethernet networks, enterprise networks, campus environments and central office connectivity. The PL-1000 supports up to 4 high-speed 10GB ethernet services. Each service is configured independently, using PacketLight’s user-friendly Web-based management tool. Additionally, by stacking multiple PL-1000, customers can expand 4 wavelengths to up to 32 wavelength thus achieving high level of scalability and low initial investment in a pay-as-you grow architecture.

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Universal 100M to 16G TransponderPL-400full7

PL-1000TE is an advanced, all-in-one CWDM and DWDM optical transportproduct supporting up to 8 transponders with flexible mix of industry standard based protocols. It integrates a rich and cost effective feature set in a compact 1U chassis with low power consumption.

The PL-1000TE is designed for CWDM and DWDM solutions that require high throughput and low latency, data, storage, TDM and ATM connectivity. By combining a variety of multi-rate services, PL-1000TE allows maximum flexibility and scalability for fiber optic connectivity.

The availability of sub 10G, 10G and 16G flexible services mix in the same product, provides transparent migration capability from sub 10G to 10G services with zero downtime.PL-1000TE allows easy upgrade or expansion of the required services by simply adding the needed pluggable optic modules (SFPs/SFP+) in the available slots or by stackable solution. This architecture provides true scalability at the minimum possible cost.

PacketLight's PL-1000E is a unique, all-in-one optical product supporting 8G FC, 10G, and sub-10G services over WDM optical networks. This solution is unprecedented with its rich feature set, Cost Effective, compact 1U chassis with low power consumption. 

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10G and 8G FC WDM Transponder

pl-1000E side overview

PL-1000E is a leading CWDM / DWDM platform that provides maximum flexibility and scalability for the WDM fiber optic connectivity, it combines variety of services. PL-1000E allows to expand to 10G services by simply adding the needed pluggable optic modules (XFPs). This architecture provides true scalability over WDM networks at minimum possible cost.

The PL-1000E supports the full spectrum of FC protocol rates: 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 4Gbps, 8Gbps and 10Gbps. Together with its extremely low latency, low power consumption, small foot print (1U, ETSTrI) and affordable cost, PL-1000E is best in class CWDM / DWDM solution for connecting two data centers or back up sites through dark fiber and WDM technology.

The PL-1000E is designed to support point-to-point, Linear ADM and Ring WDM topologies with Facility protection. The PL-1000E is a highly integrated device, incorporating WDM Mux/DeMux, EDFA and optical switch, also enabling simple and cost effective upgrade of existing infrastructure to carry any type service.

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WDM Sub-10 Solutions

pl-400-side2Highly flexible metro CWDM/DWDM optical networking platform for transport of storage, data, voice, and video applications over dark fiber and CWDM/DWDM optical networks. PL-400 is designed primarily as an efficient optical transport device, and is typically deployed as a CLE (Customer Located Equipment) in enterprise campus environments and in central offices or as service demarcation point for dark fiber providers and carriers.  PL-400 supports point-to-point, linear ADM and ring topologies with facility protection in CWDM and DWDM optical networks.

The PL-400 supports up to 8 high-speed services (2Mbps–4.25Gbps) over CWDM or DWDM. Chassis are stackable and used with the PL-300 passive external mux and can serve up to 16 CWDM wavelengths or up to 40 DWDM wavelengths. All optical transceivers, both on the service side and on the CWDM DWDM-uplink side, are pluggable and replaceable allowing pay-as-you-grow budget planning and simplified maintenance. Each service is configured independently using PacketLight’s user-friendly Web-based management tool.

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